Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Essential Oils Travel Pouch

During my last pregnancy my midwife suggested that I use peppermint essential oil for my recurring headaches. It was amazing how effective it was! My headaches would start to dissipate immediately after applying.

Then, after my baby was born, she gave me a little starter pack of doTerra essential oils. It was awesome! I have been using them for all kinds of things. My husband has even been using a lavender, lemon, peppermint blend for his allergies, and has seen great results! I use the lavender oil for my kids at bedtime. It has helped them to relax and get to sleep easier.

I am definitely new to the essential oil world. I don't know a lot but I do know that I love them and look forward to learning more about how to use them. It's also helpful that a friend of mine just started selling doTerra oils, and another one sells Young Living oils!

My new found love of these oils, and the fact that a friend asked me to ;), I created a carrying case so I can always have them with me. I love having them handy in my cute little pouch!

These little babies can hold up to 16 travel sized bottles. Mine currently has 8 - 2ml bottles, and a beadlet bottle (not pictured).

I look forward to filling it with more of these wonderful oils soon! Want one too? Check out my shop on Etsy! You can custom create your own, or choose one that is ready to ship!
Have you fallen in love with essential oils too? Tell me your favorite in the comments!
Have a tote-ally blessed day y'all!

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