Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Essential Oils Travel Pouch

During my last pregnancy my midwife suggested that I use peppermint essential oil for my recurring headaches. It was amazing how effective it was! My headaches would start to dissipate immediately after applying.

Then, after my baby was born, she gave me a little starter pack of doTerra essential oils. It was awesome! I have been using them for all kinds of things. My husband has even been using a lavender, lemon, peppermint blend for his allergies, and has seen great results! I use the lavender oil for my kids at bedtime. It has helped them to relax and get to sleep easier.

I am definitely new to the essential oil world. I don't know a lot but I do know that I love them and look forward to learning more about how to use them. It's also helpful that a friend of mine just started selling doTerra oils, and another one sells Young Living oils!

My new found love of these oils, and the fact that a friend asked me to ;), I created a carrying case so I can always have them with me. I love having them handy in my cute little pouch!

These little babies can hold up to 16 travel sized bottles. Mine currently has 8 - 2ml bottles, and a beadlet bottle (not pictured).

I look forward to filling it with more of these wonderful oils soon! Want one too? Check out my shop on Etsy! You can custom create your own, or choose one that is ready to ship!
Have you fallen in love with essential oils too? Tell me your favorite in the comments!
Have a tote-ally blessed day y'all!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Baby for the New Year

Well hi there! My last post had me complaining about still being pregnant a week past my due date. I guess the little guy heard because he decided to come that night! So, I had a sweet new year's baby.  =)


The birth went very well. Yay! Josiah weighed in at 7lbs 9.5oz and was 21in long. He was my second biggest baby. He has grown so much in the past 7 weeks. It's crazy! My kids are always on the average to small side but at is last appointment this little guy was in the 75% percentile in weight and height. That's just hard for me to comprehend. Baby number five may grow to be bigger than his 3 big brothers! ;)

With the arrival of #5 I have had my hands full. I seriously thought I would just pick up where I left off before he was here but it hasn't happened that way. My adjustment period has been longer than I expected. I was hoping to open my shop back up at the beginning of February but the month is now almost gone and I still haven't been able to add that back into my life. I know the day is coming. I just have to focus on my family now.

I sure do miss sewing!

I have sewn a few things but not much. It doesn't help that my sewing machine seems to be going through its own adjustment period. Ha! We'll get through it together. I just know it! =)

Anywho, I know I won't be posting much here but you can follow me on Instagram. I'm pretty good about posting there. I'd love to put some link here but I'd have to think and that's not happening right now. So, my name there is: Toteally_Blessed_Ellen . Stop on by if you have a chance.

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful 2014! I know I have been!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

From my family to yours.....

I hope everyone had a blessed 2013, and is ready for a wonderful 2014!
I am looking forward to another amazing year with my family, especially the birth of #5, which is any day now! My due date has come and gone, and we are all wondering when our newest blessing will arrive!?? I know it has to be soon but the waiting to hold him is getting harder to bear everyday! Even the kiddos are getting anxious to meet him... "When will he be born???" In which my only reply is, "Soon! We just have to be patient." I think I'm really telling myself this. Lol!
I'm sure everyone has thought of their 2014 goals (or resolutions, whatever you want to call them) by now, or is at least starting to. I haven't had many thoughts other than, baby baby baby, but my one word for the year is:
With the addition of another baby, I know I need to keep things a bit more simple. I tend to think of how I can do things bigger and "better", when really simple IS better! I'm sure many can agree to that.
I hope to be more involved in my blog this year but I can't promise that! [See above.  ;) ]  I do hope to share some photos of Bible covers I have made, and other random projects. We will see!
Have a blessed New Year's Day friends!


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