Thursday, March 21, 2013

Super Mom T-shirt Fun

Something is amiss.

Or, maybe not.

I haven't blogged in a month and a half! Life sure gets busy some times. Priorities consume my time.

I've been meaning to share several projects and just fun stuff we've been doing around here, but we've been so busy doing these things, that I haven't had the time to post about them!

I hope to make up for the 'lost time' friends.  =)

So, I thought I'd just share something fun I did with a wonderful group of Super Moms I know...

I hosted a Mom's Night Out at my house last month. This is something our fabulous homeschool co-op does every month. We take turns hosting and planning a fun craft, or something, to do together. And, of course, there is *always* yummy food involved!

Well, for our craft everyone brought a t-shirt and we made some fabric iron-ons.

I printed this "Super Mom" image onto cardstock, and then made a stencil out of it. (I just cut out the negative space with a craft knife.)

*Please excuse my poor photo quality!

We used Heat n Bond Heavy. That way you just iron it on, no stitching required. Very cool!

I thought shiny fabrics would be super fun. So I got a variety of colors of dancewear fabric. Everyone chose whatever colors suited there fancy. With so many color choices, it was hard to choose which 2 colors to use. They all turned out great!

We all (well almost all of us) wore them to our last day of Friday school for the semester.

Have a tote-ally blessed day friends!

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