Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{DIY} PVC Target

This past semester at our homeschool co-op I taught a physical education class. I made a few PVC targets and I have been wanting to share them here for the longest time!

I'm glad to say that the time has finally arrived.  =)

Let me first say that the pictures are not very good (so sorry! my camera was broken by a sweet child I know and I am currently using a loaner from a friend that isn't the greatest but I'm thankful to have something!) and that this isn't really a tutorial so much. I did take pictures of the steps I took, for the most part, but it really is pretty self explanatory. Plus, you can make it any size you want. Which is what I love about do-it-yourself projects. You take an idea, then tweak it to fit what YOU need. Win win, right?

My plan was to teach the kids about Frisbee Golf, aka Frolf. I looked at different targets to purchase but they were pricey. Then, I saw this one...


I knew I could make this using PVC pipe. So, I did! Here's how I made it.

You'll need:
 PVC pipe (it comes in 10ft lengths) 
4 PVC elbows
1 t-joint
2 basketball nets
zip ties (not pictured)
a PVC pipe cutter
PVC glue
a ruler to measure
a pencil to mark the measurements 

Below I have all of my pieces cut to these sizes:
(2) 7"
(2) 7 3/8"
(1) 16"
(1) 48"

 After your pieces are cut you just assemble them so that they look like the picture below when finished. Make sure to apply the glue during this process, that way they do not come apart while you're playing! I speak from experience here. =)

Here is where the basketball nets come in. They will make up the netting. Lay them out flat like pictured below.

You'll want the side with the long/larger holes facing each other, like so..

You're going to tie them together, bit by bit. I'm not exactly sure how to explain this part. You need to tie them together so that you have a long tube as your end result.

I'm hoping you get it and you can see the tube pictured below.

After the tube is made you need to tie closed one end. Now all you have to do is attach the opened end to the rectangular opening you made earlier. I used zip ties to keep them on. 

I used a mallet to put it in the ground because I hadn't thought of a base yet. But now, looking back, You can definitely make a base with PVC pipe as well. You'd just need to make it wide enough to hold it up. If I ever do this, I will update it here. If you do it, please let me know! I'd love to see.

All that's left now is to play! So grab those Frisbees and have FUN!

Have a tote-ally blessed day y'all!

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