Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When the Pie Hits the Floor

When the pit hits the floor, the first thing you need to do, is gain your composure because, after all, it's just pie. Second thing you need to do is get a rag, and clean up the mess. You may need a mop, depending on the pie. And, of course, last, but certainly not least, try to save as much of the pie as you can! Just because it was on the floor, does not mean you can't still eat it. Well, at least some of it.

You may be wondering, why the pie inspired post? Well, maybe it's because just this morning, someone was standing with the refrigerator door open, and then a toddler made their way into the fridge, found said pie, and then dropped it on the floor. The entire, not eaten, rich and creamy chocolate pie! Oh, how I enjoy a slice of chocolate cream pie. And, apparently, my daughter may have the same love for the pie as I do. Hmm, either way, it got me thinking about all of the other little messes I have going on around here. Which brought me to my sewing area, and that is how we have arrived here, at this post, about pie.

Enough of the pie incident already. Let's talk about aprons. Which, we could use to make pies, if we so chose to do so. Last week, I finished up a super adorable apron that my friend, and neighbor (I love that!), asked me to make for a friend of hers that was teaching an art class to her girls, and some other homeschoolers. She brought some little hand prints with their hand written names. And then, she left the rest up to me! I am quite honored that she believes in my creativity. But enough talk, let's see the pictures! (My apologies for the not professional pictures I have here. I am working on that creative aspect, at least trying to. ;) )
Don't you just love the adorable hand prints?!

The entire back side is the yellow with colored polka dots. FUN!
I enjoyed working on this custom apron. It inspires me to make more aprons. Here's another one I did. Very basic but still oh so fun.
Makes you just want to get in the kitchen and start baking!

My next idea for aprons: kid sized. My boys would love to have their own apron for when they help out in the kitchen. And, since I am having so much fun making them, I might as well have a go!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll have a slice of pie for you. ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Showers of Blessings Charity Auction Fundraiser

Last Monday, I fell to my knees in prayer after finding out that my dear friend's 19 year old son, Shane, had been hit by a car, and life-flighted to the Trauma Center in downtown Houston. I was devastated. I couldn't begin to imagine what she was feeling. I prayed to the Lord that His healing, protecting hand would be with Shane. This is a boy that I have known since he was 4 years old. I used to watch him while his mom, my dear friend, was at work. We would play at the park together, play trains and cars, watch tv, and just hang out together. He has always been such a great kid!

The thought of anything bad happening to him was far from my mind, but then, it happened. My sweet Shane wasn't a 19 year old young man. At that moment, in my mind, he was that adorable 4 year old I remember from so long ago. So many emotions hit me at once. I knew I couldn't just sit at home. I needed to go and be with his mom, and sisters. So, that's what I did. I loaded up baby girl, and we headed over.

Just sitting there with them made me feel better. There was a peace that came over me. I knew that our Heavenly Father was with Shane. I knew that he was going to be okay. No doubt in my mind. Shane's dad was with him at the hospital, while his mom stayed home with the girls. Every so often the phone would ring with updates on how he was doing. One particular call gave word that he was heading in for brain surgery. Brain surgery!

Momma knew her son was going to be okay. She was keeping her cool, even if it was just for her girls. But she knew her precious son was a fighter, and he was going to make it through. Every once in a while she would update her Facebook status with new news of Shane. It was AMAZING at how many people were praying for him, for the whole family. People she knew, and people she had never met! Prayers were being lifted up on their behalf. It was a powerful thing to witness.

Shane had/has multiple injuries which include a fractured skull, broken cheek bone, shattered wrist, ruptured spleen, damaged kidney, and probably more I am missing. You see, he was riding his bicycle to work when a car, going 50mph, struck him. I'll spare any details I may have  heard. To say it was a serious accident, is to say the least.

But, since the accident and brain surgery, Shane is doing quite well! This kind of healing can ONLY come from our Father God! He has been with Shane every step. HE was with the surgeons. HE has been guiding the doctors and nurses who have been caring for him. It has been 3 days since the accident and Shane has done some miraculous healing in that time. His spleen and kidney appear to be healing themselves. He knows who he is, who his mom and dad are, and his sisters. This is huge, wonderful news to hear. I have been singing praises to the Lord all day today! For He alone is worthy of praise.

Of course, with any accident like this, it can be hard for a family to think about what they are going to eat at each meal. Going to the grocery store in between trips to the hospital are unlikely. Making it to work is also going to be a challenge. Especially since Shane is still in ICU. They want to be with their son. The support from their family and friends is greatly needed during this time. Even though Shane is recovering very well, he still has a long road to a full recovery.

On my Facebook page I will be hosting a Showers of Blessings Charity Auction Fundraiser to help this family get through these tough times. They don't need to worry about how they are going to pay for parking at the hospital, or any medical bills down the road. If you are a shop/boutique owner, and would like to donate an item to the auction, please email me at: toteallyblessed [at] gmail [dot] com. Or, if you know of someone who may be interested in donating something, please share this with them. I, and the family, would greatly appreciate it!
Thanks friends!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I *Love* Custom Requests!

Whew! I have been keeping pretty busy lately! Which, I like. =]  I had a couple of people ask me if I could custom make a few different items. I *love* custom requests! Even if they are not something I normally make. A good challenge every now and again is a good thing.

First, a neighbor friend of mine asked if I could make her an apron. It's a gift for her daughters' art teacher. FUN! So far, I have only made this test apron.
It turned out quite well, I think! The custom apron requested will have a pocket, and the student's hand prints appliqued onto it. I look forward to making it, and sharing the finished project with all of you!

The next item, is a bit different. Honestly, it's not something I would have thought to make. But, it is a tote of sorts. A friend requested a Hip Pack. Now, don't get all crazy 80's on me! This is definitely a functional, useful accessory. Again, I only have a test one made but, I am surprised with how much I actually like it. Not that there is anything wrong with a hip pack. I'm just saying, it's not something I would have thought to make for myself.
 I will admit it though, it's been fun to wear! I made this one with a lizard print because I thought maybe one of my boys would like to have it. Now, I may have to make one for me! You all know there are times you need your hands free but you don't want to carry around a big old backpack, or a bulky purse. So stop rolling your eyes at me! ;) Ha!
You know you want one too! My friend who requested this particular item is going on a trip to Disney. And this would be totally perfect to have! Your keys, camera, cell phone, a snack maybe, all right at your fingertips. Thank you Donna for this totally great item. And, it can definitely be fashionable. I may need to tweak the design a bit to get that perfect style. Not bad for my first try though!

That's about it. Well, I did just make this beautiful tote.

I really love how it turned out! These majestic creatures with their piercing eyes. Oh! There's just something about it, you know? I've got some other ideas in my head, and a few other items that I have been asked to create. So, be sure to check back often!


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