Sunday, November 25, 2012

US Presidents Unit Study: Finishing Up

Well, it seems I have been so busy around here that I have neglected posting the rest of the US Presidents class. Which, ended about 2 weeks ago!

Ronald Reagan was the final president in our unit study. We enjoyed reading a short biography about him, and then we put together a US Presidents Trivia Pocket for our notebooks. That was it!

Hmm... It seems near the end I lost my steam.  ;)

We did however have one last project for the semester. Something that the kids worked on over the entire course at home.

I called it Project: President.

Sadly I do not have the original source for this template! =/

I gave each student a cut-out of a person that I printed on cardstock. They chose 1 president to research more about. Then they dressed up the cut-out as that president. On the last day of class they each did a short presentation. They all did really great! It was so much fun seeing, and hearing, what each had learned and made.

Normally, I would show you pictures BUT sadly I was slacking and FORGOT to take pictures of their projects! Big sad face over here! I can show you one though because my son was in the class, and I have easy access to his.  =)

George W. Bush

I truly enjoyed this class this semester! I am already brainstorming for the Spring session!

Have a blessed day friends!

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