Monday, November 5, 2012

US Presidents: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Well, I am quite behind on my US Presidents! A few weeks back we did Franklin D. Roosevelt. I was sick that week so we didn't have a super cool craft but we did play President BINGO. The kids really enjoyed it! 

My favorite part was making the BINGO cards! It was super easy to do over at BINGO Baker. I am so glad I found this website! BINGO is always a fun game to play, and this tool makes it so much easier to make cards specifically for what you need. I gave the kids clues and they had to figure out which president it was, then they could mark it on their cards. 

I will say this though, the kids were quite loud while guessing the president for the clues. Especially when they didn't really know, and they were just yelling names out! And, with a headache, it was more than I bargained for! ;) So much fun though. These kiddos are really smart!

Next up: John F. Kennedy


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