Sunday, November 4, 2012

Child of the Month: Colton

Usually Reece's Rainbow has a child of the month on their website, and that is who I donate to for the month. Well, for the months of November and December they are doing something different. They will be focusing on the children on their Angel Tree. To learn more about this visit their website.

Since they are doing that, and won't have just one child this month, I have decided that I will be donating 20% of my sales to Colton, who is on the Angel Tree this year. I happen to know who the sweet woman is who has been matched with him. She will be doing a fundraiser for him soon. This is something I have already donated to. So, I will keep y'all up to date on this. Click on over to her blog for more info: Saving One Child at a Time.

Here is what the website has to say about sweet little Colton....
Boy, born April 2010
It might be because I’m partial to little round-faced babies, but this doll steals my heart every time I look at him!
Sweet Colton has been posted with us WAY too long.   He is just darling!   PLEASE rally to help Colton find his forever family! 

More photos available.  Married couples only.  Older parents and larger families welcome.  Travel required.
 He currently has $3115.20 available towards the cost of his adoption.

Please keep Colton in your prayers! He deserves a Mommy and Daddy to love on him and show him God's unfailing love!

Thank you and have a blessed day friends! 

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