Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bible Covers Make Great Gifts!

What has been keeping me so busy that I haven't been updating the blog lately? Take a look to your right and you will see a glimpse at what I have been emerged in the past several weeks.

Lots and lots of Bible covers!

These beauties were shipped off to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago. The first 12 of 30 covers ordered. I'm currently finishing up the last few for this order. My LARGEST order ever!

It has been SO much fun creating each of these covers! I must admit though, I became a bit overwhelmed for a while there. Especially when my beloved sewing machine stopped working! Which, by the way, is still waiting in the shop to be repaired! Hopefully I will get it back just before the end of the year. Wowsers! That is a LONG time to be without her!!! I am so thankful though to have back-up machines to use. I praise God for that!

You may be wondering who would order 30 Bible covers? Well, I was part of a church's pre-sale for there Bazaar. They were raising money for women and childrens missions. Of course, 20% of the money that I earned from each sale went to the child of the month at Reece's Rainbow. A majority of it went to Katrina, and the rest is going to Colton. It all depended on when payment was received.
I thought I'd show a few of the covers I have made over the past month or so.

I thought I had taken pictures of each of the covers before shipping them off. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Somehow I didn't take photos of most I made. Included in the ones I forgot to photo were some of my favorite ones! BOO!!

I have several others I still need to photo. I really like them all but I do like some more than others.  The colors and fabrics make them so unique and wonderful! I'll definitely share those once I get the rest finished. Then I'll have a little Bible cover photo shoot. ;) 

On a side note, my current "holiday" production time is about 7-12 days. So, if you want to give one as a gift, there is still time to order, though time is running low. Just visit my Etsy shop, or shoot me an email, and we can make it happen!

Have a blessed day friends!

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