Monday, October 8, 2012

US Presidents Unit Study: Abraham Lincoln

I think most people are fond of Abraham Lincoln. I new that he would be one of the presidents we would study deeper about during our 9 weeks together at Friday school.

The kids already new a lot about Lincoln. A few of them even had the opportunity to visit the theater in which he was assassinated all those ears ago. I'm sure it was a amazing experience for them! As a class though, we were unable to make such a trip.

After we read the biography and answered a few questions, we got started on our Lincoln activity. It was a lot of fun, and the kids really enjoyed it!

We made Abraham Lincoln's face with Perler beads! If you have never played with Perler beads, you need to! They are super fun. You can create anything you want. My kids do not tire of these amazing beads. They are inexpensive which makes them even more wonderful!

I definitely pre-made Mr. Lincoln to make sure it would work in class! I think he turned out pretty good.

I also found a neat website that had a FREE Perler bead online designer. It was pretty cool! I was able to save, and later print, my Abe design to use in class.

It even told me how many of each color was needed to complete the project. Which was pretty fantastic because I made each student an activity bag with everything they needed to make Abe.  =)

You can click HERE and find a photo that helped me to come up with the Abe head I made. That guy did ALL 44 presidents in perler beads! Wowsers!

Click HERE for the post with the free resources I am using for this US Presidents Unit Study.

Next week: Theodore Roosevelt

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