Wednesday, October 17, 2012

US Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt

I enjoyed learning more about Theodore Roosevelt this week with my co-op class! I think they enjoyed themselves too! I used the listed biography plus abook I found at my local library because the listed bio was not very informative. He was a very interesting man!

Our activity this week was to make a "Teddy" Bear. First, we read the story about how President Roosevelt went on a bear hunt, he was a hunting man, and because they had been hunting for so long, one of the men found an old bear, shot it, and chained it to a tree so that the President could shoot him and get the kill. Well, good ole Roosevelt would have nothing to do with that! He didn't think it right to kill that bear in its condition. However, he did have the bear put out of its misery. Later, a political cartoon was drawn up about the incident. Then, a man contacted him about naming the stuffed bears he made "Teddy" bears after him. That is how the "Teddy" bear came to be!

So, I knew the perfect activity would be to make a "Teddy" bear! I tossed ideas around in my head on how we were going to do this in less than 45 minutes, and without a sewing machine. I searched the internet and found a great template to use for the bear outline but did not find anything simple enough to do in class. After perusing a craft book, I found what I was looking for! Yay!

First I traced the template pictured above, and cut out 2 pieces of brown felt per student. 

Next, I hammered holes all around it with a nail. (I tried lots of different ways for these holes, this was by far the BEST way to go about it. I have no pictures of the actual process because I figured it out around midnight, and that is when all of this occurred. The night BEFORE of course!) Now the bears were prepped for class the next day!

All the kiddos had to do was take some yarn, although I think craft cord would have made this craft easier, and thread it through the holes. We left an opening in the leg to stuff the bear. Then they finished threading it through and tied the end pieces together. 

We used sticky wiggle eyes and felt sticky hearts, turned upside down, for the facial features. That's it!

Simple. Now they had a new bear to love! =)

Next week: Franklin D. Roosevelt

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