Monday, October 1, 2012

Child of the Month: Katrina

I just made the first donation {of what I hope is many!} to the Child of the Month over at Reece's Rainbow. What an absolute JOY is was to send that money to Millie for her future adoption into a loving family! A true blessing for all who were involved!

And, with the start of a new month, comes a new child to bless. 

Just look at that sweet, happy face! She deserves a family to love and nurture her!

Here's what it says about her over at Reece's Rainbow:

Girl, Born December 2001
Oh what a miracle, to have an updated photo of Katrina!!!    And there is the light I  knew had to be there!   She doesn’t realize it, but now that she has a profile here on Reece’s Rainbow, Katrina has a CHANCE…a chance for a new life, a family of her own, to get out of these four walls and to have something to smile about.
From her medical records:  Down syndrome, significant cognitive delay (coupled with FAS), flatfoot, partial atrophy of optic nerves, esotropia, secondary cardiomyopathy.
From a missionary who visited with her in March 2012: Oh my heart…I so wanted to bring her home!   She is a giggly soft hearted darling…she needs a mama!
Katrina and Tania can be adopted together if a family is approved and interested.   Families should be HS approved (or close to it) prior to commitment.   10 day wait often waived here.  Married couples only, larger families welcome, travel required.

Have a blessed day friends!

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