Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Project: T-Shirt Quilt

Months ago, and I mean months and months ago, I had the genius idea of making a t-shirt quilt. My hubby works for a coffee company that carries seasonal blends. Well, they have to wear a t-shirt advertising those coffees. So, he gets 2 shirts every season. Needless to say, we have a surplus of these shirts lying around. 

I only need so many t-shirts to wear at night. I thought, wouldn't it be great to make a quilt with them??? The hubs certainly didn't care what I did with them. So, I began this little adventure. I'm not exactly what you would call a quilter. Yes, I have made some blankets in the quilt style, ie I cut some squares and sewed them all together. 

Now, a t-shirt quilt isn't really much more than that. You cut the t-shirts into large squares and go from there. I've seen many of that after they have been made. I have a friend who is a sewing/quilting genius. I quickly asked her for pointers. 

Ok, so, I began this process ages ago, and I got intimidated super fast! The thought of it became overwhelming. I ended up just tucking this little project away, and that is where it has been since. Tucked away. Out of sight, out of mind.

Well, last Sunday I had a sewing itch. I really felt the urge to be creative but I didn't have any fabrics that were inspiring me to do anything with. When my hubby said, "What about that t-shirt quilt you were going to make?"

Hmmmm.... A thought. Yes.

At that point, something was better than nothing. So, I pulled it all back out and got back at it. I do not know what was so intimidating about it! I didn't have lots of time to work on it but it was just a matter of ironing on some stabilizer and cutting squares. It certainly wasn't requiring that much thought!

I am still working on it. Now I am on the hunt for some coffee print fabrics. I'd really like to find some with coffee beans! I'm sure that is doable. I just need to look.

Once I get the squares finished, I ran out of stabilizer and just bought some this morning, I will have to decide on the placement of the squares. I may need some help! So, don't be surprised if I have another post with different square placements, and me begging for suggestions!

Until then, have a blessed day!

*Oh, and on a total side note, as you can see, I am a huge failure when it comes to the summer art projects I planned on doing with the kids! Ugh!


  1. Coffee fabrics at Hobby Lobby are my favs.... and JoAnnes has just added some new ones as well!!!! Happy hunting and quilting, my sweet seamstress!!!! LOVE YOU!!!! XOXO

    1. Thanks girl! I've actually become quite excited about piecing it all together. I think it is going to end up being queen size! I hope I an figure out how to sew it with the machine when the time comes... LOL!!! =)



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