Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Brother Brag Book

In the month of June I hosted two baby showers that were a lot of fun! In the month of July those two moms have had their sweet little babies. Let me tell you, they are sweet and adorable little boys!

I wanted to do something special for the siblings of these babies. A keepsake for them about the birth of their new sibling. Something they can put together and remember all of those special moments and feelings. That's when the Big Brother Brag Book was born! (Big Sister Brag Book coming soon!)

I searched the internet for ideas. I was also hoping to find some free printables along the way. I kind of did, kind of didn't. I came across THIS website that had a free I'm a big brother/sister lapbook. So, I took one of their little matchbooks and made it into a full size page because I didn't want to make a lapbook.  =)

I wanted some other pre-made pages to put into the brag book. I realized I was going to have to make them myself. I figured it was doable. I ended up only making one more page for the book BUT I had my boys decorate some pages that the big brother could add pictures to. (For some reason I did not photo these. Who knows what I was thinking?)

There are several blank pages as well for the kids to fill with whatever their little hearts desire. We added a pocket in the front and put some colored pencils and stickers for decorating it with. The page I made had a big brother poem I found somewhere online with a space above that has a caption that reads, "Me and my brother". Totally sweet! (Again, I did not photo this. Wha???)

There you have it! A Big Brother Brag Book! The recipients of these books seemed pleased to receive them. I hope they treasure them for years to come.  =)

*I really want to share with you all what I did to make this book! With some printable templates! It is something I would have liked to have found on my search and was sad that I did not! I hope to put something together soon to share. First, I need to figure out how to put a pdf file on the blog! Keep an eye out! I plan on making a big sister one VERY soon!

Have a blessed day friends!



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