Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bear Clothes from an Old Onesie {Tutorial of Sorts}

My kids have been begging asking me to make some little shirts for their bears. You see, these aren't just ordinary bears, they are super heroes, aka Power Bears! I just love the imagination of children, don't you?!

Yesterday, I finally made the time to make these for them. I didn't want to spend any money on fabric, especially since we have many outgrown, stained onesies lying around! I knew that these would be the perfect material for this project, as it would be stretchable for the bear heads.

If you need a quick, fun project to do, or if your kids have been asking you to make some tiny clothes for stuffed animals, this is for you! It seriously only took about 15 minutes to make one. My kind of project! 

To get started you are going to need to take in to consideration the size of the bear you are making the shirt for. Since I was just making a shirt for a bear, I didn't do exact measurements. I kind of just eye balled it. How did I do that? Well, pretty much I just took a piece of scrap fabric and laid it over the bear, and made a few marks to where I would cut the neck, bottom, and arm holes.  I used this as my 'pattern'. It is very similar to a kimono style shirt, very boxy as you will see. Also, I did not finish the edges. Since knit fabric doesn't unravel, and it's only for some bear friends, I didn't think it was necessary. Of course, if you prefer a more finished look, go for it! =)

Thinking about it now, this would be a good beginners sewing project for kids also! Only a few cuts and straight sewing. Why didn't I think of this yesterday and have the children make their own bear clothes?! Live and learn I guess.

Have a blessed day friends!

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