Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sweet, Sweet Summer

Summer has arrived here at our house. The hot Texas weather has been becoming more and more intense as each day passes. What better way to cool off than a cool dip in the pool?

My dear husband thought the kids needed one in the backyard. So this is now what I look at out my kitchen window...
It's just a little one with an inflatable ring at the top but it is FULL of fun! The kids have been enjoying each moment splashing around in this pool. They ask often when they can get in. And I don't mind hanging out in the backyard while the kids play. I get to enjoy the fresh air, and I get a little sun on my face! Summer brings back such great memories from my childhood.

Even our littlest LOVES to be in there! She is something else. She's not quite two but she totally gets the arm floaties. She lets you know she wants to play in the pool by bringing them to you. I'm glad she already understands the importance of safety first. ; )
I just LOVE summer!

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