Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Art Projects: Batik with Kids

We finished our first summer art project, and it was FUN!

I found this fun project over at That Artist Woman. She has a wonderful step by step on how to do Batik with Kids. I knew my boys would enjoy this, so we just had to give it a try for our first summer art project!

First, they enjoyed painting on the fabric with glue.

We had to wait a day for the glue to dry before we could actually do the painting. I obviously don't let them paint enough around here because they really enjoyed it! (Pay no attention to the 4th, half painted piece of fabric. I was trying to do one for the toddler but found I really need to help the 5 y/o instead!)

Once we finished painting, we had to wait another day for them to dry. This certainly isn't a quick project but worth the patience!

The next step involved soaking the fabric in warm, almost hot, water. I figured the bathtub was the easiest place, and that is what was used in the tutorial, so I did it there.

I left them there for about an hour. Not because they needed to be in there that long, just because that's when I got back to them.  =)

I did have to scrub them a bit to get the glue off. As you can see from the photo there were quite a few paint flakes. Way more than I was expecting. Clean up was not a breeze. I recommend using a large tub outside.

Next the fabric needed to dry. This is where things got out of hand. I drained the tub, cleaned up the paint flakes, and laid the fabrics on the side of the tub to dry. Who knew that the wet paint would seep through the fabric onto the tub? This lady right here gave no thought to that AT ALL. Honestly, I really wish I had. I still need to get in there and scrub it down. Hopefully it will come off. Suggestions welcome if you have one!

Even with the unexpected mess, this was a great project! The kids had fun working on it, it kept them out of trouble (hee hee), and they turned out wonderfully!

The 5 y/o did this one. You can see some letters. He attempted to write his name but ran out of space!
My 8 y/o isn't really into art/painting. So for him to do this, I was impressed.

Oh my 10 y/o LOVES art! He was quite excited I was giving them the opportunity to paint. He was going for a rainbow here.
Well, there you have it! Our first summer art project completed. I survived, and actually enjoyed it! In case you haven't read THIS post, I'm not big on doing artsy things with the kids. It tends to be messy and I guess I get to be crabby about it. BUT, I am working on that by planning and doing fun art projects all summer long! I hope you will continue to stop on by and see what we are up to! Who knows? Maybe you'll find a little inspiration along the way!

Have a blessed day friends!

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  1. Oh.... they look great! Since I can, I'm going to make them bigger... don't forget to make the pics xl, they look much nicer!




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