Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reece's Rainbow

As some of you know, my heart breaks for orphans. Especially orphans with Down Syndrome.

In the past I have participated in quite a few fundraisers for families adopting through Reece's Rainbow. It is a cause that is very dear to my heart. These children live in other countries where they are often rejected by their parents at birth. Or, which seems to be the case often, their parents make the decision to leave them at the hospital because if they bring home these precious little ones, they will be looked down upon in society. Most likely losing their jobs, leaving them with no way to take car of other children they may have at home already. I'm not here to judge them in their decision, I'm sure it was a hard one to make. All I want to do is spread the word about these children, in hopes that they will find a family to bring them home.

There is a ray of hope for each one of them. While they are subjected to an orphanage, there is an organization out there who is fighting for them. Probably more than one. The group I am familiar with is Reece's Rainbow. I have known several families who have adopted through them, or is currently going through the process now.

They need your help!

Rescuing these children can be financially strenuous, to say the least. There are, what seems like, endless costs involved in saving these children. Children that have been cast out, and rejected. I know though, that our Father in heaven loves them. He has called families to step up and take these special children in as their own. No matter the cost, or sacrifice they need to make.

So, why the post? My family has not been called to adopt any of these precious little ones. At least not yet. That doesn't mean that I can not help by spreading the word about this organization, and these children.

I have no fundraiser going on currently but I do know of a few ways you can help:

Denny is 6 years old and facing the institution soon.

  1. Right now you can attend a Virtual Baby Shower "Sydney" and "Lucien" Jenks over at Saving One Child at a Time.
  2. You can purchase a t-shirt through Adoption Bug to assist the Sheffield family in bringing Vinnie home. You can visit their blog at  Help Vinnie Home.
  3. Denny is facing the institution soon. You can donate money towards his adoption at Reece's Rainbow by clicking HERE.
  4. Another way to help save these orphans is to spread the word to others and to pray about them. Pray that these children find their forever families before it is too late.

None of these things is too small. No amount of money is too little. All of it CAN make a difference!

Thank you for reading, and have a blessed day friends!

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