Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rainbow Themed Baby Shower

Last Sunday a friend and I hosted a rainbow themed baby shower. It was a lot of fun! Here is the shower in pictures...

Here is the gift table. As you can see, I had to attach the banner to the table. The pavilion was huge! So the banner wasn't able to hang that way. It was quite cute on the table though! This table also held the sign in sheet for the baby book. Somehow I missed taking a picture of that all together. It was so cute! There was also a game - How Many Skittles Makes A Tasty Rainbow? Basically, there is a bottle filled with Skittles. Whoever guesses the closest to the correct amount in the bottle wins! Our winner guessed just one off from the actual amount!

 These are the prize bags for the games played during the shower. Each one contained a rainbow key fob, a bag of Skittles, and some Starbursts.
 I just love these! (I may be making more of these for a future fundraising project. So, stay tuned for that!)
 The scratch off's were one of the games we played. Simple but fun! I used THIS tutorial to make them.
 Somehow, I forgot to take photos of the favor boxes while at the party. Here is a picture of the two lonely ones leftover. Below you can see all of them. I took that picture on my cell phone to show the co-host. Please forgive me, the picture quality is horrid, but you can see all of the pretty colors, not just yellow and white.  =)
(You can get the favor box template we used HERE.)

A baby shower just isn't complete without the food table! I had big thoughts and high hopes for this table. We went a simpler route though. ;) Still full of yummy rainbow inspired delights!
 A mouth watering fruit salad. God's rainbow!
 The veggie tray isn't as colorful but a must for all parties!
 Rainbow Twizzlers. The heat wasn't good to them.
 Rainbow cake pops! This was a fun challenge to make. Not the prettiest things to look at but they sure were tasty!
And then the Texas heat got to them. 

We also had Rainbow Krispie Treats. Not sure why we didn't get a picture of those! They were delightfully delicious!!

There you have it! I would definitely do the rainbow theme again for a shower. Maybe with a few different other great ideas that I found.

Have a blessed day friends!


  1. Yummy, lovely, colorful! Great Job. I love the cake balls and the licorice. That theme is very clever.


    1. Thank you Silvia! It was a lot of fun! =)

  2. It was wonderful! And even cake pop fails are amazingly tasty. ;o)

    1. I am so glad you liked it Kelli! I think the next time I do an outdoor party in the Texas heat, I will stick to the traditional cake idea. Lol! =)



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