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I wonder if it fits into the crafty category? I think one can be crafty with food. Well, creative anyway. In a way food can be a craft, right?

I think so.

With that said, once a week I am going to give the spotlight to food. I must admit, I enjoy food. Yes, it is a necessity in life but I enjoy being creative with food.

I should probably stop here and let you know a few things about myself. 

First of all, my family and I are vegetarian (we do eat eggs and dairy though). Secondly, we have also started to become a gluten-free family. Years ago we cut out most processed foods and refined sugars. 

People often wonder what we eat.

I assure you, we eat well. Although, my kids may say otherwise sometimes but that's just because they are kids, and kids tend to be pickier than they need to be. I should know, I was one of those picky kids! 

When my husband and I decided to cut meat from our diet, I was not much of a vegetable eater. Yes, I ate some but I didn't eat a variety of them. I was journeying into the unknown world of cooking. Fast forward a few years and not only do I LOVE a wide variety of veggies, I enjoy cooking and experimenting with food.

Maybe the question of why has popped into your head at this point. It's definitely a valid question to have. We decided to abstain from meat for health reasons,and spiritual conviction too. We know it is not for everyone, and would never try to force anyone to have the same view as we do. 

It is what is.

I am glad we have that cleared up! So, starting this Friday, I am going to focus on one meal, one recipe. It may not be a very fanciful item but it will be something my family finds delightful. I've also been pinning some yummy recipes like crazy. Mostly tasty treats. I will share some of those as well.

I hope you enjoy my take for a Foodie Friday! You never know, you may find some satisfying vegetarian dishes your whole family will enjoy.

I look forward to sharing with you all then!

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