Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Time to Listen

Well, the pie fiasco has cooled down over here. Thankfully nothing like it has happened since. Other things have been happening though. Where to start? I'm not really sure.

Maybe I should start by saying that the Lord has been revealing things to me lately. Actually, I think He's been revealing these things to me for some time now, I am just now finally listening to Him. Sometimes it can be hard to hear Him when there is a bunch of static, but that's something entirely different. The Lord has been telling me that the time with my young children is short. They won't be little forever, and they certainly won't always be begging for my attention. Now is the time to give it to them, not trying to later.

I must shift my priorities to where they should be. Now, I know at the beginning of this year I said I wouldn't be blogging as much, and maybe I haven't been. I do know that my Facebook presence has been greater lately. That is something that needs to change for me, and my family. There are lots of other reasons that I will be pulling my Facebook presence but for now, we'll just stick with the basics. I need to be more focused on my growing children, loving on my husband, and being the mother that God wants me to be.

With all of that said, I want to also add that I will not be totally disappearing. My shop is still open, my email still works, and I will certainly still be sewing. Maybe I will still post on here weekly, maybe not. I'm not sure where I'm at right now. I'm playing it all by ear. Listening to what the Lord is telling me to do. Right now, He is telling me to take a break. To be patient. To take it one day at a time.

And so, I am.

I can't leave you all without a picture, or two (or more), of something fun I recently created. To be completely honest, I am quite pleased with myself on this one! Maybe a little bit too pleased. Isn't it super neat though???
Fun colors!

I love the clear vinyl zippered pouch!

The journal just slips right in there.

That pen there, is IN the pocket! I am way too thrilled about this vinyl pocket.

Let's take it to go! Maybe great for Bible study???!!



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