Monday, March 12, 2012

Saving One Child at a Time

Friends, do you remember in January, when I was donating a portion of my sales to the Sheffield family to help raise funds for them to adopt Vinnie? Last week, I was contacted by a sweet woman named Christina, over at Saving One Child at a Time blog, to see if I would be interested in donating a few zippered pouches to a fundraiser for Vinnie. Someone else had already donated an item I had made to the fundraiser as well. (Which, I think is totally fabulous!) Sweet little Vinnie has been on my heart ever since I was introduced to him. I was definitely up for donating some items!

Adopting a child tends to be pricey, and this little boy deserves a loving family. I have donated 2 zippered pouches with matching key fobs and a Bible Cover/Carrier. There are other GREAT items that have been donated too! If you have a moment, will you please stop on over at THIS blog post and check it out? If you are unable to participate in this fundraiser financially, please keep this family in prayer! God is good ALL of the time! I know He will provide every last penny needed.

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