Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Goals and a New Dress

I guess I should start by saying, "Yay! A new year!". I hope everyone has had a blessed start. I'm not into all of the 'resolutions' but I do have a few goals. I'll go ahead and list three here, because I just know you all really want to know, right? ; )
  1. Grow in my walk with the Lord. Like, dig into His Word in the morning, afternoon, and evening. This one is more of a priority than a goal. Because without the Lord, I can accomplish nothing of real value.
  2. Focus more of my attention on my family and home life. Yes, this does mean I won't be on the computer as much, and will post less frequently. But what I do post should be fantastic, shouldn't it? I hope so!
  3. Get my ideas to paper, and from there make them a reality. I have so much stuff floating around in my mind. I need to organize it, prioritize it, and do it!
So, there's a *glimpse* at what 2012 holds for me. Before I sign off for now though, I want to share a little t-shirt dress I made for my sweet little girl. First, a little background (I guess?)...

As a home-schooling family, we attend a co-op for 9 weeks in the Fall and 9 weeks in the Spring. There's no uniform but we do have t-shirts to wear every Friday for 'school'. Well, everyone except the little ones have a t-shirt. But little sister needed something too! So, last semester I used some iron-on transfer, got a blue onesie (same color as brothers, and the other kids at co-op), and created her own Friday School shirt. It didn't quite turn out as I had planned, but it worked.

Well, this semester, I decided to try something different. A friend of mine had given me her old Friday School shirt. Her family was trying something different this year, and no longer needed it. I've seen tons of tutorials online about turning an adult t-shirt into a toddler dress. So, that is what I did. It turned out pretty cute! Now she will have the same 'uniform' as brothers. Hers is prettier though. I added a few touches to it to make it a bit girlier. =]

Front view

Back view

It's definitely not perfectly done but it will do for 18 days of the year! Or, until she grows out of it. ; )

Until next time, be blessed y'all!

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