Friday, November 4, 2011

D is for Dinosaur

The past several weeks I've had dinosaurs on my brain. Mainly because I'm teaching a Dinosaurs in Creation class at our coop. I've been immersed in dinosaur projects. Hopefully though, the kids are having a lot of fun as they learn about dinosaurs.

I wanted to share the latest project with you all. Dinosaur t-shirts. I made 31 t-shirts for the kids. All they had to do was be creative on the back of their shirts. And, let me tell you, they certainly were creative! I am so blessed to be able to teach these sweet kiddos!

Here is the project in photos with a few comments...

31 t-shirts, a silk screen stencil, some fabric paint (not shown for some reason), and some dinosaur fabric, just to get started.
I found that I needed to make a frame for the letters. Peeling and resticking all of those letters, 31 times, was not going to be time effective! There was only 1 'D' in the pack, so I had to peel and restick that one. Not so bad though!
Painting on the letters was pretty fun, but messy at times!

Definitely not perfect but it will do.

Laying them all out to dry. And believe me, I had them everywhere!

All folded (by size and by class) and ready to go!

A finished shirt. I somehow forgot to photo the cutting of the dinosaurs. I just used Heat N Bond on the fabric and ironed them on! Too easy!
Here are some of the kids being creative on the backs of their shirts. I was impressed with their creativity! A lot of the kids in the 7-9 y/o class signed each others shirts. I thought that was too sweet!
Here's a finished t-shirt back.

And another.
Last ones!
We had a ton of fun with the shirts. And, all of our other projects also. I wish I my camera hadn't been so broken when we were doing those! There was dinosaur cages, dinosaur eggs, toilet paper roll dinosaurs, and more! Next week is our last class. I'm thinking dinosaur fossil necklaces!

I'll leave you with this fun song we have been learning. Now you will know the tune that's been stuck in my head for the past several weeks! Enjoy!

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