Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just love Autumn! The weather gets cooler. The leaves turn pretty colors and start to fall off the trees. Just beautiful!

Of course, here in South Texas, it looks nothing like the picture above but I love it all the same.  =) Fall also means, for my family anyway, it's time to take our yearly pictures! We haven't done a family pic for about 4 years. So, we're due for one. Especially since we now have our beautiful daughter!

With that said, I need some help! In just a few short weeks we are getting our family portraits done. I have been planning (and I use that word loosely here) on making a dress for my daughter and a matching skirt for me. Then, having all the boys shirts coordinating into what we have on. Does that make sense?

Here's what I need help with, I still haven't picked out the fabric!!! What colors should I go with? Something bold? Neutral colors? Blues? Maybe Autumn colors? What type of print, if any? Ah! I just don't know! I need to figure it out quickly though. Our session is November 1st!!!

Please help a momma out and leave me some suggestions below. I would really appreciate it!

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  1. Lighter blues, like light denim and yellow. (Of course some white too)
    I can make E's skirt/outfit you make yours!



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